We are Creative Directors based in the UK and Australia with unrivalled experience in luxury fashion eCommerce. Having met in 2004 as part of the formative Net-a-Porter team, we learnt the luxury ropes at a time when online shopping was a relatively new concept, becoming part of a team who changed the way that people bought fashion. Fast forward a decade or so, having worked for a rosta of big high-street and online names, as well as exciting fashion start-ups in the UK and Australia, the inevitable finally happened – we joined forces and Sitorial was born.

Sitorial is a new breed of creative agency. We don’t just make pretty websites – we truly understand the business of eCommerce. Our tagline and the framework for everything we do is SITES + STYLE + SUBSTANCE.

SITES – because we ensure that every website we create is intuitive, responsive and designed to send your customers straight to the purchase button.

STYLE – because we are deeply routed in the fashion industry with an amazing network of designers, writers, photographers and stylists who will put your brand on the front row.

SUBSTANCE – because above all else, your brand needs to have integrity and a story to tell that is communicated to your customers through everything you do, from social media to packaging.

At Sitorial, our goal is to get your customers to fall in love with you quickly and then go on to build a long lasting and profitable relationship.

Come join the tribe.

Malika Calder and Ruth Cozens

Past clients and experience include: Net-a-Porter, ASOS, my-wardrobe, Nine in the Mirror, Secret Sales, Covetique, Fashion Confidential, Cheek Frills, Marks & Spencer, Arcadia, LKBK, Cold Lilies, WelleCo, Upper Street, Parker & Co, Zara Bryson, F E L L A Swimwear, Elle Boutique.